Forum Rules 1.1

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Forum Rules 1.1

Post by SkiMask on Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:15 am

Hello, these are the official rules of the forum. Be sure to keep these in mind when posting.

These rules will be easy to remember, because most are out of common sense and manners.

1. No Spam (no pointless replies such as "LOL", "alkjdfal", or "bump").

2. No hacking discussion, Minecraft or not.

3. No Advertising (unless you are using your signature).

4. No foul language.

5. No double posting (wait until someone says something after your post, and then you can post again. Please use the edit button).

6. No adult material or mature content.

7. Treat all users and staff with respect.

8. Do not trade Minecraft accounts or codes without having it completely reviewed by SkiMask.

9. Do not post in hard to read colors.

10. Don't post in threads over 30 days of age unless you have something important to share.

11. Use proper grammar.

12. Use the report system for rule breakers only.

13. No more than one account per person (if 2 or more people live in your household and sign up, please notify the staff).

14. No backseat modding. If you're not a moderator do not act like one.

15. No topics directed to one specific user. That is what private messaging is for.

16. No paid links. (This includes services that give money in exchange for clicking a link you create.) This will result in an automatic 24 hour ban.

17. Stay on the topic of the thread.

You will have up to 4 infractions before you are banned forever. You can always be banned for periods of time before that.

Thank you.

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